In Hinduism, the cow is a symbol of wealth, strength, abundance, selfless giving and full of earthly life. Cow has traditional status as a sacred animal in Hinduism. Dairy products are extensively used in Hindu culture and are one of the most essential nutritional components of Hindu meals.

There are many Cows in India which are being looked after by different Gaushalas in the country. However with limited Source of Income, mostly in the forms of donation, these gaushalas are finding it difficult to look after Cows and eventually leading to selling off cow to different Cow Slaughter Houses, where they are killed to sell their beef.

To stop this happening, we have started a mission called ‘Save Cow, Donate Cow Bank’. We have developed a Toy Bank in the Shape of Cow in Eco-Friendly Plastic Material, where you can collect money and donate it to any Gaushala of your choice, with the help of which gaushala will be in better position to look after Cows. The money can be used for any other Noble Cause also.

It also helps in cultivating Saving Habits among children which is very necessary for them to learn at young age.


How Does It Work?

Suppose Mr. X buys 50 Cow Bank from us and you distribute it among his friends and relatives. Each Cow Bank will collect certain amount , Say Rs.10000/- approx so 50 cow bank can collect Rs. 5 Lacs which will be donated to Gaushala. So, Mr. X alone might not be able to Donate Rs. 5 Lacs but with distributing cows to different people, he could collect Rs 5 Lacs and can be donated.